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Our Mission

Achieving success, while building confidence, and making an IMPACT

one session at a time.

Our Story


We at Impact Tutoring understand the many challenges that the pandemic alone has on brought on families.  We strive to show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, by committing to working with each individual student and ensuring that you will see results within the first three session of working with one of our tutors.


So whether families are looking to expand upon current achievements, to provide supplements to school work, or looking for a more individualized approach to learning, Impact Tutoring is here to help! 


Impact Tutoring serves the Aurora, Centennial, Denver and other surrounding areas, by connecting families with our experienced and licensed educators/tutors to assist your child grades K-8 to achieve academic success and confidence in their learning! Additionally, we offer GED Test Preparation Services as well.  We offer in-person (in-home, or at our tutoring office), online, and small groups sessions to meet your individual needs. We also offer Informal Diagnostic testing within the 1st session to help determine what skills need to be targeted and to assist in creating a plan to ensure that your child succeeds!



Since our founding in 2019, we have strategically worked with each of our families to pair them with one of our licensed and qualified tutors to make sure your child(ren) is getting the BEST tutoring experience possible! We understand there is often a direct correlation between a child's overall confidence and how it contributes to their positive academic success. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that ALL of our students are equipped with the tools to help them build confidence in and outside of the classroom!


Our Founder / Operating Director - Ona Luistro

SY 21-22 Ona Luistro School Picture.jpeg

  Ona is not only a tutor but also a professionally licensed educator and has been teaching for over 15 years now. She started her teaching career working in the area(s) of Special Education, and since then has taught in the areas of Math, Reading and Writing, and Social Studies. Ona has tutored and taught everything from high school to elementary aged students during her professional career. In addition to Ona's educational background, Ona is a mother of three and understands the value of education and the opportunities that having a formal education can bring as she is also a first generation college student and holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree. 

After doing private tutoring for over a decade with students both in person and online, Ona started to notice that she was not able to keep up with the demand of new clients looking for quality tutoring for their child(ren). Due to this, she unfortunately had to start turning students away or recommending other tutoring agencies for potential new clients that were requesting her tutoring services.  This did not sit well with Ona as she couldn't always guarantee that these larger outside agencies would be able to provide the quality and diligence that Ona strived to deliver working with each one of her students. That is when Impact Tutoring Inc was founded and created. 


Impact Tutoring employs tutors that are not only experienced in the subjects that they tutor, but most importantly they look at each student as an individual first and strives to understand what each individual student needs in order to feel and experience success in their academics. Our tutors also know learning is all about being able to conceptualize ideas in order to fully grasp new concepts and we are dedicated to making sure that every student we work with is able to do just that!

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